Tips for planning a kids birthday party last minute in #Winnipeg

4 Apr

When your kids birthday falls at an off time of the year (holidays,spring break etc.) sometimes you end up either skipping a party altogether – or like us trying to quickly plan one to happen before the holidays.

We decided to invite a few friends to join us at Disney on Ice and it morphed into a birthday party plan. So, how do you put together a fun party last minute, and keep the costs low?

lootbagFirst things first, I contacted Cindy at Dress Up and Play Parties. We needed some loot bags, and some decorations. Since we were going to Disney on Ice she was able to theme the party for us which was really nice. We did princesses with a focus on Ariel the Little Mermaid. Cindy brought over decorations and loot bags for the kiddos – there are all kinds of party packages from a full party to stuff to add on top of plans you’ve already made. It’s nice to have someone local who just gets kids parties – this is her specialty and it really comes across. Some people are just meant to do what they do, and this is Cindy’s niche for sure!

The loot bags were a hit, all the girls had matching stuff for the evening. The poof at the top is actually a tutu! What a smart way to present it! And they each had a tiara and a pendant, themed craft supplies and more!

Saved me from running around the city trying to find items – and nice to have it all themed. It was really cute to see them all dressed up for the show in their matching tutus and tiaras – and what a great gift to bring home! 🙂

Made for some stress free party planning for me!

candy sushi  I wanted to have an activity to do with the kids, but also keep it within the theme.  We decided to set them all up to make candy sushi!

It’s really easy to make and the kids had a blast making and eating it!

I was able to pick up sushi containers at Sobeys for 50 cents each – you can just ask at the sushi counter. Made for another fun thing to bring home, and the kids were hilarious putting it together.

Make sure to make a lot of rice krispies treats – the kids ate a lot while making these. It’s easy enough to do that it works for almost any age group too – might not look perfect but to the kids it was awesome! Great activity for any party – even just for a fun family night!

cake  And when you’re planning a party this last minute, you might not have time to special order a cake.

We looked around at a few bakeries and my daughter chose this one from Safeway. An adorable small round cake, and a price tag anyone would love at just $10!

With 4 kids they didn’t even eat half of it so it could easily feed 8 to 10 kids with ice cream. Especially if they’ve just wolfed down candy sushi and pizza! 🙂

The party was a success, all the kids had a great time at Disney on Ice – and it all went really smoothly. By using all the great resources in our city we were able to pull this off with no pre planning or running around the city which is always nice!








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