Shopping tip for next Christmas and gifts during the year

2 Jan

Right now is a great time to pick up storage bins – great for spring cleaning, getting organized, putting away all the holiday decor etc. They’re on sale at most stores right now, and there’s a great variety of sizes and styles too.

Make sure to grab an extra one or two and label them with something your family will never want to look into – work documents, tax papers….something that you’ll remember and something that kids would have zero interest in looking into. You can even just tape it shut too.

And during the year whenever you find gifts on markdown or clearance, pick them up and put them in it.

This way they’re are all in one spot and you won’t forget about any of them. You can even tape the receipts right to the gifts. better than trying to hide gifts in random spots and forgetting about them, or having family members find them.

It’s a great idea for birthday gifts during the year, and getting ready for Christmas super far in advance.

Works really well on toys, but also clothing and gifts for teachers and hostess gifts etc.

And if you shop on Markdown Mondays, this is something you will use pretty often.

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