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23 Mar















I’ve received a lot of messages today from people asking me how it was to shop at Costco today – a lot of people are needing groceries but are fearful of going. Of course we should all be staying home as much as possible right now, but if you haven’t traveled and need groceries, here’s a full walkthrough of how it went today. I compared notes with someone who went to another location too – it’s very similar at both.

Carts are outside only – if there’s a lineup at your store (most will have them) it’s outside and you wait there with carts separating you to keep the right distance. There’s an employee at the door who directs people and keeps an eye on everything.

Our location had pallets piled up to lead you in and a big billboard showing you what’s sold out, and what hot items are in stock. Some locations have all the tags for the sold out items hanging in one spot too.

You show your membership card, make sure to have that ready to not hold anyone up.

Right away when you walk in you are handed wipes to clean your cart – for those to be effective make sure to really wet the cart handle as most take a few minutes per the directions.

They are limiting the amount of shoppers in the store at one time, they count you as each person goes in. So, there is a lot of room to keep space between people. Some people weren’t doing a great job at keeping to themselves,  but at  my store it was pretty good. I think it’s something very new to learn.

At the produce fridge room there were 2 employees counting everyone who went in, I don’t know what the limit was, but I think we were 3 or 4 in there.

At the dairy fridge, it’s blocked off and you actually order through an employee. They go get what you asked for, so no one is touching anything in that room but them.

Right after was the mountains of toilet paper, you line up there if you want one and the employee puts it in your cart. It’s one per membership.

While you shop, going down the aisles remember to keep your 6 feet of distance between everyone. The aisles are pretty wide, so you don’t have to pass super close to people.

When you get to the checkout, there’s an employee to direct you to a lane and shows you where to wait. There are yellow lines of tape on the floor and you wait there as they have spaced them all out.

When it’s your turn, the cashier scans your card, they don’t take it from you anymore. You unload your groceries as usual.

You have to stand far back from the cashier as they ring up your groceries. You pay normally. They load up your cart.

Checkouts are full sanitized by a 3rd employee in between every few customers.

When you’re leaving the employee at the door eyeballs your receipt from afar and you tear a little bit of the top down.

I found it was super simple to shop today – so few people in there. All of the employees were super helpful, in great spirits and made it nice to shop. It was well stocked too, which is comforting.

Not that we should all be going to shop daily or anything – and really try to keep it to as few people together as possible.

If I missed anything, or your store is doing it differently – let me know.

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