Breakfast ideas?

12 Sep

I have to admit I’m not a breakfast eater…yes, I know it’s the most important meal of the day! With my daughter starting school I’m having a hard time thinking of good breakfasts for her. She usually eats fruit or … Read More »

Free corn roast!!

11 Sep

Today at Jardins St. Leon from 1-5pm they are having an all you can eat corn roast!! All you can eat while you’re there of course! 😉  So, who can eat the most corn? Anything else fun going on today? Any … Read More »

Red Plum flyer insert

10 Sep

RedPlum was in this week’s flyers and today’s delivered Free Press – if anyone sees it in the paper at a store post up where in case anyone wants to get some extras! 🙂 Here’s what’s included: Save 1$ when … Read More »

Flyer deals

8 Sep

Safeway has a few good airmiles events this week. Christie Event is buy 5 get 50 airmiles – lots of cookies and crackers that are 2 for 5$ and 2 for 7$. Perfect for back to school snacks! 🙂  Also a Primo Event … Read More »

Coupon Giveaway!

6 Sep

Last giveaway of the night – someone will win a big envelope of coupons! To enter just comment below! This one will run until noon tomorrow (wednesday) – 1 winner for 50 entries, 2 winners for 100 and under and … Read More »