My top 10 ways to lower your grocery bills in 2014!

6 Jan

Happy New year to everyone! It’s a great time to start cutting some costs, and groceries are a good place to start 🙂

Here are my 10 tips to save on your grocery bills in 2014:

1 – Start using coupons. It can be daunting at first, if you’re new just start slowly. Check the boards at the store or the flyers for extra savings, look instore for coupon booklets, coupon inserts in the paper and flyers etc.  Go at your own pace, even just a few coupons every shopping trip can really add up over the year.

2 – Plan your shops for 10% off days – Safeway and Sobey’s have it on the first tuesday of the month and it’s a great way to cut costs on items that don’t normally go on sale. Also huge savings if you stock up on sale or clearance items on that day. Takes no extra work and an extra saving at the checkout.

3 – If you shop at Superstore, take advantage of their PC points program. Can add up very fast, and you get rewards for things you’d normally buy anyway. Check out this great PC points post to figure it all out.

4 – Take advantage on online sales. Save on time, money and patience 🙂 If there’s free shipping and a good deal, stock up. Walmart is the perfect example, you can get great deals on groceries and they will ship them for free to you – check out my 1st shop at Walmart online to see exactly what you can do. Since there’s no minimum for free shipping, you can log on and pick up their 1 or 2 best deals of the week.

5 – Sobeys has Dollar Days every month – great deals on pantry staples. A good time to stock up on those at a great price.

6 – When you find a good deal on something your family uses a lot of, stock up. Easiest way to cut costs. If toilet paper is on clearance, instead of buying 1 or 2 packs, buy 3 or 4. That way you don’t have to buy any at regular price for a while. Good things to stock up on are toiletries, frozen foods etc.  You know your family, and what you’ll go through – check the dates and save yourself trips to the store and money at the same time.

7 – Shopper’s Drugmart Optimum points can really help to save. Shop on 20x the points days and then on certain days of the year you can redeem your points for big shopping sprees for free. I always post up both days, so follow along and take advantage of those days. It can really add up throughout the year, a lot of people save them to help out with xmas shopping.

8 – Meal planning is another great way to cut costs. It takes a bit of time at first, but sit down and figure out recipes that your family likes, make a calendar and shop the sales accordingly. It’ll save a lot of time too once you get in the groove – and money too since you can pick up the ingredients on sale, and also no nights where you don’t know what to make for dinner.

9 – If you’re wanting to make freezer meals or meal plan, check out Costco for larger portions of meat and staple ingredients. Find what works for you – if buying large portions works, do it and just plan it all out. Or share with a friend and cut costs that way – share the savings 🙂

10 – Use online apps to save more – programs like Checkout51 – great deals every week online and they mail you a cheque with your rewards. I post up those deals every week, see if there’s anything your family eats on there, combine it with a good sale and send your picture in to them for extra savings on top.

What are your ways to save on groceries for 2014? Any tips you want to share?

And follow along on my Winnipeg Blog for more top 10’s to save in 2014!

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  1. My first tip for saving is just being stuck to your blog , you are the best 🙂
    but can you recommend me some of the useful online applications like check out 51
    I tried to install coupgon while it is not compatible with my phone .

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