PC Plus Points Program Guest Post!

28 Dec


Here is a great guest post from Lauren about the new points program at Superstore!!

What is PC Plus and how does it work?



PC Plus is a new points program available for anyone that shops at superstore, not to be confused with our PC Financial Credit cards and debit cards. There is now no need to switch banks to earn points at Superstore, but because they worked their points programs differently than a lot of the other points loyalty programs, there seems to be a lot of confusion around it.



The main goal for PC Plus is to give you points on things you actually use. How do you sign up? You can sign up one of the following ways. And each way is 100% free.



  1. If you don’t want another card to carry and you do not bank with PC Financial, you can choose to download the app PC Plus. If you have a Windows phone there is no app for it.

  2. If you don’t have a smart phone, or want to download the app and you don’t bank with PC financial then you can pick up a card from any cashier. Just ask for one when they ask you if you are a PC Plus rewards member. You can then register the card at pcplus.ca

  3. If you do happen to bank with PC financial you can actually link your credit card or debit card to PC Plus. If you choose this option please make sure that you swipe your card before you pay to get any bonus points you may be awarded from the PC Plus program.



How does it work? There are several flyer deals that give you PC Plus points, as well as once you’ve registered, PC plus starts learning what you buy each time you scan your card and giving you special offers for things you actually buy. The more you use the card the higher the points offers they send you. So if you eat organic per say, it will start sending you offers on Organic Goods….. or if you bake a lot it will send you offers for that. Mine is forever sending me offers on veggies and fruits and meat, so that makes a momma trying to save money very happy.



The flyer points are available to everyone. Some people have very angrily told me because they don’t have a computer they can’t sign up for our program. That is simply not true but because they are so angry they unfortunately have not listened to what I am trying to tell them. I realize these non-computer people are not my target audience here, but I’m hoping if one of these angry people happens to be your family member maybe they would be more receptive to their family member giving them the 4-1-1 than I, a lowly cashier. If you don’t have a computer you can absolutely earn points. What you are missing out on is the card learning who you are and sending you customized offers for you. So if you don’t have a computer please, still scan your card as you can still collect and redeem points



Please make sure you LOAD the offers onto your card every week. (your personalized ones) if you don’t load the offers, you don’t get the points. You could email PC Plus and try to get the points back, but you are then at their mercy and that’s a lot less fun than just doing it properly the first time . The offers come out every Thursday- Friday, so make sure you check before you shop



Please make sure your card is scanned in before you pay. If your card is not scanned before you pay there is absolutely no manual way we can get you your points on your card. Again there you’d have to email pc plus and be at their mercy, which is really not fun, though they have been really good at point correction in the past.



How do you redeem?


PC Plus Points – 1000 points = 1.00


To redeem you have to have $20,000 points and can redeem 20.00. You have to start with 20.00 then after that it’s in 10.00 increments. So if you have 30,000 points you can redeem 30.00 etc. etc. etc. When you’d like to redeem your points you ask before you pay, if the cashier doesn’t prompt you.



I must warn all, that there is a backlog in the system currently. I feel it’s getting better, but just keep trying. You have to keep in mind that my store alone signed up tens of thousands of people just in the first week of the program. Multiply that by all the stores in Manitoba and that’s a lot of people trying to use the same site at the same time…… Glitches will be fixed and things will improve. As with all new programs there is always some room for error right at the beginning. We just ask that you be patient. If you are having problems registering your card, still bring it in with you when you shop so you can be awarded the flyer deals every week.



I must say that in the month and a week I’ve had my card I’ve earned 48.00 worth of points. And that’s only buying what I would anyways. I am really excited about the fact that superstore has finally jumped on the points card band wagon and I hope that this answers any questions that you may have had.



Happy shopping and Merry Christmas


8 Replies to “PC Plus Points Program Guest Post!

  1. I LOVE this program! I already have over 70,000 points and most of the time it’s points on things we already buy on a regular basis. I’m holding onto my points to see what more they may offer in the future — like a spend your points type of event. =)

  2. Great program! I’ve been earning points for years with my PC MasterCard, but now I have so many more! 564000 to be exact! That’s 560.00. I’m saving them for something great! I just don’t know what! Plus I’ve redeemed many points already for furniture, a kitchen aid stand mixer, clothes etc!!!

  3. Hi there…Wondering if you could help me out. I have a pc debit card which has been collecting points and I assumed it was good for this new program but was told by the cashier I needed the new points card. My question is cqn I transfer my old points to this new card or have I just lost the old points?


  4. Great program but keep an eye on your account to ensure your points are being added on, BEFORE you discard your receipt. I recently noticed my points weren’t increasing and it had been nearly $400 of shopping since last points were earned. I called them and they advised the app is having troubles loading offers (even though it looks like they are) and adding points earned. Keep your receipts just in case!

  5. Wow, a TV Jenna! That’s amazing. I always make sure to have my points card out when my order starts as I heard that you should swipe the card first to avoid missing any purchases on your card. Not at the end when you usually swipe for other rewards programs.

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