Masks at Costco Canada – update and new store photo

21 May

I posted several weeks ago that Costco would begin asking members to wear masks in Canadian stores.
The sign above is from Winnipeg stores this morning.
They have finally updated their website, so you can check it all out there.
It’s been more quietly recommended for weeks in the store, and all employees have been wearing them for quite a while. Glad they finally posted it formally on their website, so there’s no confusion.
It doesn’t apply to children under two and they will keep up all of their social distancing measures in the store and outside too.

6 Replies to “Masks at Costco Canada – update and new store photo

    • Exactly, they are recommending it. this information is from their website and I used the word recommend several times….. Might want to try reading before commenting rudely. And try to not spread misinformation please. Costco updates frequently and it’s good for people to be aware.

      • And you are the writer of this article? Why the attitude? Why the accusations of “spreading miss information “ he is simple commenting.
        Scared much?

        • Scared of what? I’m saying misinformation because this person was posting false info online about it….no attitude whatsoever. When Costco puts information on their website, we have to go with that.

    • Besides Canada, the USA Costco actually requires you to wear masks. I guess Costco Canada is a bit more lenient since it’s starting to pass through Canada.

  1. My last trip to the Kenaston location was not great. One of the male staff had a mask on covering only his mouth. And a very ignorant customer (man) reaches over my shoulder to get some cheese. Really people, think!!!

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