Costco stores will be asking Shoppers to wear masks in Canada

29 Apr

I have confirmed this with every store in Winnipeg – starting Monday May 4th certain Costco stores across Canada will be asking Shoppers to wear masks.

It’s a brand new rule and they will be putting up signs and updating the website shortly. Make sure to bring your own mask.

A few stores I called across Canada thought they might provide masks but most did not think they would be able to, so do not count on that. I’ll keep updating as we learn more.

At first all the stores I spoke to thought that it would be mandatory, but for now they have changed it to asking and expecting people to wear them.

2 Replies to “Costco stores will be asking Shoppers to wear masks in Canada

  1. Aren’t they out of masks to sell?! Ironically, that’s where I’d go to buy them, but I’m not keen on contributing to that hysteria…a shame, cuz my Costco shop list is around $150… first they won’t let me shop with my kids (single mom here, no one else to watch them), and if I manage to get someone to, I now can’t go in without a mask?!

    • Not trying to start anything, just frustrated…our province is trying to lift some restrictions, when individual companies go the opposite of that it can lead to false numbers, and in reality, we’re not preventing the spread of this virus, but trying to control it, and everyone needs to work together for that to happen.

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