Hallmark Holiday Movies filmed in Winnipeg

17 Nov

One of my favourite things to do at this time of the year is watch Hallmark holiday movies – can’t get enough of them! The best part is when you notice local spots – especially when they’re being disguised as other cities, usually American.

I looked for a list of movies filmed here and there wasn’t one – so, now there is! I’ve put together all the ones I could find, let me know if I missed any.

I expected there to be a lot more – I know there are other Holiday movies filmed here, but guess they aren’t Hallmark ones.

I know there will be a lot more for the list next year as I hear there’s quite a few being filmed around Winnipeg recently.

I’ve updated a bunch and added more below – most are Christmas movies but a few are just for the fall. If I’ve missed any, let me know.

Winterfest movie – Amazing Winter Romance filmed in Winnipeg

The Secret Ingredient, filmed in Winnipeg.

2020 –

follow me to Daisy Hills – this one I figured I recognize the store right away and as soon as I saw the nutty club sign I had to search where it was filmed 🙂

on the 12th date of Christmas

Christmas by Starlight

Bonus lifetime movies:

let’s meet again on Christmas Eve

2021 –

Crashing through the snow

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