Fun Games to Play While Watching Hallmark and Holiday Movies – including the classic, flour on your face while baking!

14 Nov

Get your cozy gear on and a cup of hot chocolate and cookies – it’s time for Holiday Movies!!

Seems they’ve been playing almost nonstop for weeks already and I can’t resist them! Fun to curl up and watch them for some cozy Holiday feelings – or take it up a notch and involve a little bit of sarcasm and silliness!

Here are some of the stuff we do while watching these:

  • See who can be first to figure out where it’s actually filmed. If there’s a really obvious and sort of misplaced American Flag in an opening scene, you can bet it’s filmed in Canada….Is that the Exchange in Winnipeg? Is that a mall in Vancouver? Your local food court? Who knows….can literally be anywhere! Watch for clues like license plates, Canada Post trucks in the background etc.   Often they’ll reuse the exact same spot as a few different places too.
  • This one just doesn’t happen enough – looking for actual Hallmark items available to buy instore. The Northpole one was a goldmine for those, and it’s actually something I wish they did more of. I usually want all the stuff from the movies!
  • Look for sponsors…a big one is Folgers. A huge can of coffee with the brand facing out in a small gift basket, lots of Folgers cans in their kitchens. Also, Walmart bags. Those blue reusable ones are in so  many of these movies! Fun to spot and yell those out!
  • How long will it take for someone to have flour on their face? Another good one – will anyone fall off a small stepladder?
  • Seasons and weather stuff that makes no sense – snow that is so sparse it looks like Halloween cobwebs spread out etc. – Everyone wearing sweaters outside in cold mountain location. People leaving their front door wide open in a super cold area while they make several trips outside to a super far car.
  • This one is only for the serious Holiday movie watchers – can you spot the same house more than once!!

So, what are your fun things to do while watching these movies?

I’m a huge fan of them – I watch tons every year. Most are great, some aren’t – but they’re always great to watch! They’re a cheesy good time!

So, tell me what you’ve seen and figured out watching these!

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