Zellers coupon!

28 Dec

Zellers has a great coupon on facebook right now – print it out here – it’s 50% off one item – there are limitations on it, but looks like can lead to some great deals! It’s good until the 31st and it’s 1 per customer.

I know a lot of people on our facebook group have been using them – what did everyone end up getting?

5 Replies to “Zellers coupon!

  1. I got a GORGEOUS pair of brown leather boots! Reg 54.97, on sale for 32.98, only 16.49 after the coupon! I may have to go back before the coupon expires… Technically my husband and kids haven’t made a purchase 🙂

  2. I was SUPER disappointed! went to Zeller’s downtown, picked out a hotwheels set that was 25% off and was told that the online ad was erroneous; coupon could only be used on regular priced items!!! GRRRR!! Is this the only location doing this? Which locations did you other ladies shop at?

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