So you’re thinking of buying an Instant Pot on Black Friday……

22 Nov

Me too! Does anyone else feel like maybe they’re at the brink of joining a cult?

There are so many sales on Instant Pots for Black Friday – and who knew this was so big! I knew it was popular but I didn’t realize it was like an entire community!

There are a zillion facebook groups – some even have lengthy questionnaires to fill out before joining to make sure you’re a true IP user!

There’s an amazing amount of websites with recipes and so on too!

One of my good friends is an IP believer and I’m going with that advice! She tells me it’s not as scary as I’d think – I’m the kind of person who was scared to use our Soda Stream at first…I don’t even like open Pillsbury rolls! But, she tells me after the first time using it, it’s no big deal. And that there’s so many safeguards on it I don’t have to worry about it exploding in my face. I did actually google Instant Pots exploding….and what I did find was a lot of knock offs causing injuries.

As for what you can make for it – it seems super varied. Apparently the boiled eggs are the best – but you can make your own yogourt, the best chicken, pasta, seafood etc. etc. and on and on.

I did wonder about using fresh ingredients….is this more an appliance for those who just mix a bunch of canned and frozen items into a cassserole dish and call it dinner. But nope, found a lot of people using it to make fresh meals with fresh ingredients.

There’s quite a few choices for Instant Pots too – there’s not just one. There’s different sizes and some have more functions that others. Things to take into account – do a little bit of research before you pick one up for sure.

The best sales I’ve seen so far for them for Black Friday are:

  • Walmart will have the 6 quart, 6 in 1 IP for $48.88
  • Best Buy will have the 7.5L 7 in 1 IP for $100
  • Canadian Tire will have the 6 quart, 7 in 1 IP for $69.99

And I’m sure Amazon will be getting in on those deals too – I did see one on there but not a huge sale yet.

So, if you’re an Instant Pot user, what advice do you have to beginners? And what extra add ons do you think are worth buying to use with it? And of course, favourite recipes!

And of course – did anyone end up not liking it?


Here’s my friends perspective on buying one:

About a year ago I jumped on the Instant Pot wagon.  I figured if I use this “only appliance you will ever need from this point on” at least a handful of times, it will have paid for itself.  

My Instant Pot arrived from Amazon a few days after I ordered it and as I unpacked it from the box, I didn’t understand all of the hype.  It looked sort of like a rice cooker, vegetable steamer, slow cooker…in one big appliance.    But I figured it was here and unpacked, I should try something.  

The world is at your fingertips when it comes to ideas and needing to know how to do something (reading the manual should also be the first thing you do, as there is a TON of information in it).  Pressure cookers are intimidating.   There is no doubt about that.  We have all heard horror stories about Grandma’s kitchen being destroyed by the exploding pressure cooker.     

This is not your Grandma’s pressure cooker.   At all.  Not even close.  There are so many failsafes on this baby that it would shut down before something bad we’re to happen.  

My very first time I used my Instant Pot, I made hard boiled eggs.    Sure, those are easy on the stovetop bit I couldn’t understand why people raves about their eggs done in the Instant Pot.   Let me tell you why.   They literally slide out of the shell once cooked and cooled.   No word of a lie.  Crack crack crack, schloop……they’re out. 

I have made so many things.   And it’s so fast and easy.  I can have a meal from freezer to table in half an hour.   I often plan my meals ahead which of course, saves even more time!

Ribs, pretty much any cut and type of meats (beef, chicken, pork – I’ve done them all).  Lots of types of soups, stews, beans, vegetables, mac & cheese…….but the thing I make most is definitely yogurt.  I make it weekly.   It is so easy to do and so good.   Much better than the yogurt I’ve been buying for many years!    The yogurt I make is very thick.   I’m quite proud that I can stand a spoon in it and it stands up on its own – Greek style!

Pinterest and many of the IP groups on Facebook are where I usually go for recipes.  I like the “tried and true”, that people can say have turned out and been great meals!

My IP comes to the lake with us in the summer and back home with us when we are here.   The only negative I have to say about it is hat it’s a bit on the bulky side so storage can be an issue but mine lives in the kitchen on a shelf as it’s used multiple times a week.   Right next to the Actifry which is also used but not nearly as often!

The Black Friday Sales look incredible and  if you’ve been thinking of buying an Instant Pot, do it.   You won’t regret it.   And if you do, let me know.   I’d gladly invest in a second one!



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