Winter decorations that are great for birds and squirrels!

20 Dec

If you’re looking for a fun project to do with the family, and also want to decorate outside and maybe feed some birds and squirrels – these are some fun ideas!

Simple and easy one is peanut butter apples. You just need apples, peanut butter, bird seed and some sort of twine or ribbon.

I sliced mine, poked a hole with a metal straw and ran some kitchen twine through them. Dipped them in some softened peanut butter and then rolled them in bird seed. Super easy – you can cut the apples into shapes if you want too. And then just hang them up on a tree, or anywhere you have birds or squirrels. Just make sure whatever you use to hang them is animal safe and pick it up after. Rabbits like these too.

We also made garlands out of lemons and limes. Super easy to do – slice up a bunch and then thread them onto some twine. I knotted in between each to separate them. You can also do this with fresh popcorn or cranberries too.

Something fun to do by yourself or as a family. Great for the animals too. If you live somewhere with bears etc. though you might want to skip this one! 🙂 Same as if you’re allergic to ingredients etc – but you can swap stuff out too.

Our squirrel has been loving the apples – he actually goes and chews the rope and runs away with the apples, but super entertaining to watch.

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