Winnipeg Parks and Open Spaces – Great website to customize outdoor activities!

23 Apr

Winnipeg has some really great parks and open spaces – but it can be hard to find new ones. Or if you’re looking for something specific to do at the park, or want to check out new areas of the city too it can be tricky.

Did you know the city has a pretty neat website that actually helps you narrow down and find exactly what you want in a park or open space?

You can search by amenities – like if there’s washrooms, allow bbq’s, if they have a bike rack or fountain. You can search by what kind of athletic field they have – like Cricket, Bocceball, soccer etc.

You can also search park features – boat launch, disc golf, off leash dog area, spray pad.

Or park rentals available – like garden plots, picnic sites, ceremony sites.

There’s an area for playgrounds – which would then allow you to customize and create yourself a pretty cool playground adventure for the kids for the summer! Great free activity and you can find lots that suit your needs.

There’s even more that you can choose from. The site lets you choose by amenities you want, or by certain keywords and by location. Once you pick what you’re looking for – you can choose as few or as many things you want – the site then narrows them down and tells you your distance from each one!

I played around on the site quite a bit and it’s a really neat idea for all kinds of situations. Whether you are planning an event, a sports day, a charity day, family get together or just some fun outings or checking out new stuff – great way to get outside and active, pick exactly what you want to do!

Great idea for the summer to plan out a big list of them – try out all of the ones that suit yours needs.

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