#Winnipeg Grocery flyer deals

21 Nov

Sobeys has some weekend only deals – Asparagus or mini peppers are $3 lb, lean ground beef is $2.49 lb, eggs are $2 each.

Rest of the week there’s a log of buy one get one free – raspberries and blackberries, pork chops, frozen fruit, yogourt, cereal, pop, meats, cheese and much more! If you have the Oasis 50 cent off coupons it’s a great week to use them since they’re $2.29 and buy one get one free!! Nutella is bogof too and there’s a buy 2 save $1 coupon out. Would be $4 for 2 jars.

Lots of buy this get that, like buy wings get shrimp, buy smoked meat get bread, breakfast sausage get English muffins. Another good one is buy 2 Old El Paso kits for $4 each and get a free bag of shredded cheese – if you’re stocking up remember those freeze very well!

Meal deal this week is a party pizza, wings and a coke for $20! Save over $5.

And get a free $10 Sobey’s gift card for every $100 you spend on Sobey’s Gift Cards – good time to buy cards for future shops or as gifts.

Safeway has weekend deals too – bbq chicken for $7.49, raspberries for $2, crest for $1 etc. – there are 3 day sale coupons for some bigger items, McCain pizzas are $3 each, limit of 4! And the jumbo boxes of Kellogg’s cereal for $4, limit of four too! Amazing prices!

Rest of the week they have 4kg box of chicken for $26.36. Entire section of buy one get one free items – huge variety!

Kraft promo, buy 4 participating products and get a free can of Maxwell House coffee – includes cheese slices, jam, parmesan cheese etc.

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