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17 Sep

We haven’t done this in a while – where are your favourite places in Winnipeg? I love finding out about all the good places in the city, really helps out when you fall in a rut or just want a fun time out! Can be anything, restaurant, coffee shop, butcher, movie theatre, bakery, girls night out, birthday party etc.

For our faves….for bbq it’s Lovey’s all the way! 🙂 For breakfast/lunch it’s Cora’s, it’s my daughter’s favourite restaurant. For a good coffee shop…well, i’m stuck. We actually don’t have one, but I’d love to find one, somewhere that makes a perfect mocha, or just a great cup of coffee! I actually like too many bakeries to pick just one – if ever you need some really, really good chocolate though check out Decadence Chocolates on Osborne! Amazing!

As for family outings we’ve been trying a lot of new places this year – thanks to groupon, teambuy and the entertainment book! My daughter’s ultimate fave place is Rucker’s – she loves the Tortoise and the Hare game. A Maze in Corn is also a lot of fun – I really want to check out their Haunted Forest this year, if we’re brave enough (kid free of course). The library is one of our favourites too, books and movies for the whole family.

Where’s your favourite place for date night? We have our anniversary coming up and I’m stuck on that one too!  So, time to share your favourites! What’s the best Winnipeg has to offer?

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  1. My husband and I always use our Airmiles to get Keg gift cards for our anniversary (and other date nights) – the value is the best. For sushi I love Sushi Maru. It has great inexpensive sushi, but for a higher price I love Tokyo Sushi on Portage.
    Favorite Pizza is Flying Pizza. So inexpensive and SOO delish. Yum. (no gluten f ree crusts though)

  2. There’s a brand new coffee shop in the Exchange called Parlour coffee that does really unique brewing methods — chemex, pour over etc. And the beans they get are amazing! I think they come from 49th Paralell in Vancouver. Anyway, the brew the cup for you on the spot, so it’s not sitting on a coffee pot and losing it’s fresh-out-of-the-bag flavour. So good!

  3. I love 7 1/2 on Osbourne. Really yummy and fresh. I took the kids and they had no problems tailoring the menu to their taste. Cheap inexpensice sushi we like Magic sushi. And it is very fresh.

    Goodies bakery is yummy and inexpensive and they supply to many of the local coffee shops in the malls. And my favorite local “quick” foods is Balkran Bakary on Main. Not really a bakery, but they make their own pitas for their Donairs. YUMMO!!!

  4. loooove Parlour! they get phil and sebastian from calgary and 49th parallel from Van (you can get this at Cornelia Bean on Academy if you want some for home too)

    there is another coffee shop similar i think opening in south osborne (close to jubilee) called “cafe d’amour” soon.

    fav bfast/lunch = either at Fresh cafe on corydon or Mcnallys (esp their sunday brunch! awesome awesome!)

  5. We like T-A-K-E sushi on Pembina Highway. Very fresh and tasty.
    Daly Burger (both Corydon and Pembina) make pretty tasty burgers, as does Miss Mike’s off of Marion (at Tache, I believe).
    In Ferno’s Bistro at Des Meurons at Marion makes some great foods AND desserts.
    The Line Up in the Exchange has some tasty fish & chips.
    The Park Theatre on Osborne (south) is a neat old venue for movies and events.

  6. I really like Bread n Circus just off Corydon. Awesome bread and great homemade soup. They also have a special bread of the day…their hallah bread is great (used to be Fridays…but not sure now) and they make a milk and egg free bread on Tuesdays I think it is.

  7. I just discovered Cora’s recently. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I now I do, and I loooved it! So much fruit!! And they’re foods are soooooooo good!

      • In that case, check out Kawaii Crepe in Osborne Village. They have an amazing variety of sweet and savoury crepes. Including many with Nutella (or you can customize your own).

  8. Our all-time favorite restaurant is East India Company, right beside the convention center! Their buffet is fabulous, even the lunch buffet! Best dishes IMO are the butter chicken and the navratan!

  9. Seine River Cafe is by far the best breakfast/lunch place. It is very small and you can expect to wait for a few minutes but it is definitely worth it. And it is completely budget friendly 🙂

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