Who wants to join a coupon chain?

20 Apr

If you’ve never joined a coupon chain before, it’s where you get coupons and a list in the mail, take the coupons you want and add in your extras and mail it off to the next person on the list and so on. Super easy way to get a good variety of coupons, and you don’t have to leave your house 🙂

Here are the basic rules:

1 – mail it or drop it off quickly to the next person

2 – make sure to add in quite a few coupons and take out any that have expired

3 – update on the site that you got it, and when you sent it to the next person – helps everyone to follow along. There’s a tab just for  coupon chains.

Here are the new rules for joining….check out this map and locate your area. Email me at [email protected]  – in the subject line put coupon chain and the name of your area as it is on that map. In the email I need full address, including postal code. Any emails I receive that don’t have the correct title or address info will just be deleted…It takes a long time to organize, and there’s usually a lot of them so trying to make it quick – deadline to join will be Wednesday April 24th for this round.

If you live outside Winnipeg just put Outside Winnipeg as your area, same with the Out of Province people 🙂

Any other rules I’ve forgotten?

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