Who wants to join a coupon chain? Time to register

21 Jan

We will be starting off an all new coupon chain – if you’re new to them, here’s how it works:

You’ll receive an envelope of coupons and a list in the mail. Take out the ones you want and add in the extras you have. Then you can either mail it or drop it off to the next person on the list. Then come on the site and update what you’ve done – who you sent it to and when. That way everyone can keep track of them. Make sure that it’s sent out within a reasonable amount of time…a few days should suffice.

If you want to join the chain, email me at [email protected] with your mailing info – make sure it’s complete with full name and postal code. Check out this map and make sure to include the exact area that you’re in. Also, put coupon chain and your area as the subject line – makes it easier to organize them. If you’re outside of the city or province, just let me know where you are – we usually have a few for those too.

Before joining the chain, make sure you’ll be able to pass it on quickly – that is the key to the chain’s success. I will organize them next weekend and mail them out next week so make sure to email right away 🙂

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