Where did all these coupons come from? giveaway! ;)

7 Feb

I was keeping on top of my coupon extras, huge coupon day in the mail yesterday a chain came back, had some dropoffs this weekend etc. and I have way too many again!! So, time for another giveaway!

Easy one – just comment with a money saving tip to enter. I’ll pick 1 or more winners depending on number of entries to keep it far. Each winner will receive a nice envelope of coupons!

Contest open to all Canadians and will end Wednesday Feb 8th at noon – Good Luck! 🙂

72 Replies to “Where did all these coupons come from? giveaway! ;)

  1. My money saving tip is, make sure the lights are off when not in the room, and the appliances that are not in use are unplugged.

    You’d be surprised at how much power plugged in appliances can take! (when not in use)

    Thanks for the giveaway Nadine!

  2. Match coupons to flyer savings for the most bang for your buck. And sign up for regular updates from this blog so you can find out all of the great deals out there!

  3. Try to never buy more then your going to use-even if its only a few cents if you throw it out that’s not saving. Know your prices. Sounds simple but I’m always surprised how many people don’t even look at the price when shopping. Also just because it’s on sale at one store doesn’t mean it’s a good sale.

  4. Use the Public Library. I enjoy reading and love my book club, but it gets to be quite expensive if you’re constantly having to buy books. Also, great for kids! We get a new bundle of books every few weeks.

  5. Buy potential kiddie birthday gifts whenever you see an amazing sale. Then when your kids are invited to parties, you don’t have to scramble and overspend at places like Toys R Us. I admit, I found my “stash” in Grand Forks at places like K-Mart and Target. A game I bought here for $21 was only $12 there.

  6. Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon for it and it is a good deal. If you never have or will never use the item it is just a waste of money. Pass the coupon along to someone who will use it or be a coupon fairy and leave it on the shelf.

  7. I add an extra can of water to my juices. They usually say add 3 cans of water , but I’ve started adding an extra can of water. Makes it taste less sweet, and you’re getting more for your money that way.

  8. Keep your grocery coupons with you when ever you go in a grocery store! I’ve gotten some amazing deals by combining coupons with unadvertised in store deals, or combining with 50% off stickers at SuperStore.

  9. Pick one store with the best deals! Driving to multiple stores for a few cents isn’t worth it cause you just spend it in gas!

  10. always have your coupon book with you – for those in store items that you have a coupon for that the store happens to be selling at a very discounted price.

  11. My tips are to use a credit card to make purchases,one that has points to collect(PC Mastercard is great)!! and buy meat in bulk, separate it and freeze in smaller packages. Huge savings!!

  12. Have an organized list to maximize your savings.also reuse what you can…like swiffers can be washed and reused over and over

  13. I try and buy all my meats when they are 30-50% off and then just season, put into ziploc bags into the freezer and ready for when cooking.
    Last week I bought a package of 8 chicken breast, pork tenderloin and 8 pork chops all for $16.80.

  14. If you make to much for a meal, try packing it up and freezing it for another day. A quick supper or lunch when you are in a rush or on short of time. Many people put their left overs in the fridge and often things get pushed to the back or moved around and one forgets about it until its to late and goes bad. This way freezing them will make them last a little longer and often if you have a few people in your home and no one can decide what they want for a meal you can have a few choices without a big mess.

  15. Use group buying websites like Team Buy and Groupon, to save money on salon visits, dinners out, and all sorts of other things 🙂

  16. Find a friend with a costco membership and go when they do. That way your not having to pay for the membership but still can shop there.

  17. Just pay attention to your prices. Know your prices on things. Like there are some things at the Dollar store that may only be $1, but in some cases you can buy them in bulk in another store for cheaper.

  18. We buy all of our meat in family size/warehouse packs, watching for sales, and then divide it into meal size portions to freeze. $200 in meat will last us well over 2 months!

  19. My tip is to plan meals ahead of time and buy groceries that you can use for more than one meal to make sure you don’t waste food!

  20. Buy your meat in bulk from meat markets – I like to buy the $50 meat package from Cantors. In summer their larger packages are great for BBQ season 🙂

  21. Always check the clarence sections at the grocery store. I’m surprised at the items you find & soon to expire yogurt is great frozen for smoothies.

  22. Rinse and squeeze out excess water from disposable baby swimming shorts. As long as they aren’t pooped in, you can reuse them!

  23. My tip is to meal plan according to what’s on sale and match items with your coupons. Make a list and a spending budget and stick to it! If you just take cash to the grocery store then you know you won’t over spend and will only buy what you need 🙂

  24. Look for coupons while you’re shopping — Safeway carries SmartSource coupons that you can use anywhere, especially when the item is cheaper at another store.

  25. My biggest help has been switching to cash and moving my savings to an account i can not access at the moment (ING Direct).

    I also make sure i have what i call “candy $$” each month – if i want a coffee or something little or just need to spend $$$ for the sake of spending- i have $100 which works out to be $25 each week …. (allowance) and now i’m finding that i have left over my I’m finding that what i called needs are showing to be wants and I’m not wanting them so much!! I think I will be able to bring it down.

  26. I always check the clearance section of stores for end of season stuff. Last fall I found these super cute mini inflatable bed for kids (came with ‘frame”, mattress, pillow, sheet and pillow case) for $4!!! I don’t recall just how much they were regularly, but it was definately over $20. So great for sleep overs 🙂

  27. stock up on clearance toys like boardgames etc after christmas for birthday presents through the year rather than paying full price.

  28. Cook what you love and eat half saving the other half for lunch the next day. You never feel deprived, always have a hot meal for lunch and you keep the weight off.

  29. Next time your water heater blows, get an “on demand” version. You’ll never run out of hot water, and you won’t be heating it at 2 in the morning or when you’re on vacation!

  30. Don’t dump left over coffee/tea down the drain. use it to water your plants. Also, dirty water from your fish tank is great for plants – lots of nitrates in it =)

  31. remember to watch prices when items are scanned and if they scan higher than the shelf tag said, ask if they follow the scanning code of practice – you get the item free up to $10!

  32. shop around online and find the cheapest price on bigger items before purchasing. Coupons always help when things are on sale. coupons for free items are always fun.

  33. Pick and month each year and “clean out the cupboards” , i.e. don’t do a big shop until the cupboards (and freezer) are cleared right out…. down to the Jello. Then you can start over with a clean slate and no expired goods.

  34. Money saving tip: buy Mabu dish cloths. They cost just under 4.00 are environmentally friendly. They are wood microfiber cloth and they don’t get smelly like some other micofibers do. They are white but also don’t stain, all stains wash out very easily. Buy from Vitahealth.

  35. Don’t go ANYWHERE without your coupons! Because….it happens everytime…you will see a good deal that could have been a killer deal with a coupon!

  36. always check your stockpile pantry expiry dates… so you use up the older stuff first..i always put the new products i buy behind the older ones so i know which sauces ect i need to use first

  37. Make a budget, and stick to it. My budget allows me to save for larger purchases and look forward to them, rather than having an “I can’t afford it” or “buy now pay (more) later” mentality. It also helps me to avoid frittering away my hard-earned money on little non-essentials, and having nothing left for bigger purchases. My budget prompts me to ask: Do I really need it now? Or can it wait? It will go on sale again, and I do get certain coupons often. So even if an item is cheap, if I already have a healthy backup supply, it’s absolutely unnecessary to spend more money on it at this moment.

    Bonus tip: Keep healthy snacks in your purse or glove box – a few nuts and a bit of dried fruit, or energy bars are great for those moments when we get caught away from home longer than expected, and a real budget saver versus eating out.

  38. Don’t impulse buy. If you see something you “want”, don’t buy it right away. Come back in a day or two and see if you still want it. Most of the time, you don’t.

  39. Make a list of what is in your freezer so you don’t over spend. Make meals with what you have in the freezer before going out and buying more.

  40. When you need to go to a certain store for only 1 or two items, ask someone else that going to grab them for you. At least that way you know you’ll only get those things and not $200 MORE stuff!! 😀

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