What’s left over for markdown Monday deals at Costco on the second day…

14 Mar

Yesterday I posted up all the markdown Monday deals at Costco from the location I went to.

A lot of people were wondering what was at their stores, they couldn’t find any of the sales etc.

They are not highlighted, you have to look for anything ending in 0.97.

Here is what is left over on Tuesday from yesterday at the Kenaston location in Winnipeg. A friend went in to do their groceries this morning so I asked them to check. They just quickly took these and also said that the clothing area is full of mark downs too, but very busy so they had pictures with people in them so I’m passing on those.

So always check your store on and after Markdown Mondays…. The deals are always store specific, but every store will have markdowns. The employees will not tell you where they are, you have to look for them.

If you want to start shopping on Markdown Mondays, make sure to check out the entire calendar for markdown Mondays at Costco 2023.

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