What to do with broken branches and yard debris from the Blizzard

15 Oct

If you’re trying to clean up your yard or street from the damage from the blizzard, there’s a few things to be aware of.

Of course if there’s power lines involved – phone hydro. If a street is being blocked, report it to the city via 311 or email.

But, if it’s just branches or limbs in your yard, you have a few choices. The city is actually asking people not to pile them on the boulevards – if you look around though, you’ll see that’s what most people did, it seemed logical at the time.

What you can do, if you have a truck – (hey, we even saw people with their backseats of cars full) – is load them up and bring them to one of the city’s depots. There are 3 to choose from and it’s free.  Neighbours helping neighbours is always great too!

If you’re unable to bring them, you can bundle them up and put them up for your yard waste pickup day – you can check online or 311 to find out the day. You can put out up to 50 lbs of branches but it has to be branches less than a meter long and thinner than 10cm across.

If you live in the country, check with your area to see what you should be doing with them – big bonfire? Fire wood, mulch – lots of options.

And of course, if the branches need to be cut down and it’s dangerous, call in the appropriate people.

Remember to take pictures too if you’ll be claiming for any damages – whether to your home, vehicle or property.



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