What can you rent from the city of Winnipeg? #SummerFun

6 May

city rentalIf you’re planning any summer parties, get togethers or events – the city has you covered for all kinds of neat rentals. There are things for home and parks and it’s pretty neat.

Did you know you could rent a bandmobile from the city? And what exactly is a bandmobile? It’s a mobile stage! There are 2 sizes available to rent – it’s a trailer that opens up with lighting and a sound system – there’s even a canopy and you can even rent a generator for it if needed. What a great idea for all kinds of events. There’s instructions on the city’s website, pictures and all the info you’d need to rent one.

If you like to garden but don’t have the space at home you can rent a garden plot! You can check this map to see which gardens are near you and also how many available spots there are. Fun idea to get out and garden, meet your neighbours and grow some food for your family 🙂

I had no idea you could rent out city pools for your own pool parties! You can run it during regular hours or even have an exclusive party with the pool just for yourself and your guests. You can check this guide to see which ones offer which type of party. How fun would it be to host an exclusive one – you can have up to 60 guests, 2 hours of pool time, bring in your own food for $336! Perfect for big family get togethers!

If you want to have an indoor party there are rooms available to rent at several fitness and rec centres. Great option for all types of get togethers – especially if the numbers are growing or you don’t want to host it in your own home etc.

For an outdoor party, why not rent some park space? There are a lot available, and by renting there’s a lot of extra things you’re allowed to do – like get a bouncer, fireworks, noise permits etc.  You have to apply for all of those seperately, but a very affordable and fun option for a large outdoor party, wedding, family reunion etc.

If you’re hosting a party in a park or at your home and want things for people to do, the city rents out all kinds of games, sports equipment etc. This is a really neat idea, you can rent picnic kits that have several things in them, or pick and choose from their large list – there’s about 50 items to choose from! Perfect for a school event, keep kids busy at a party or wedding. Or plan a sports day with friends or family.

These are just some of the things you can rent from the city, call 311 or check their site for pricing, availability etc.  Great option and something to look into if you’re planning events and want to keep costs down.

Have you rented from the city before? Any tips or suggestions for those trying it out for the first time?

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