What can you get for $21.34 today at Safeway? :)

16 Jun

21$ at safeway  Everything in this picture, that’s what! 🙂

By combining all the deals today, you can really get some amazing deals at Safeway today.

The gnocchi, sauce and parmesan cheese are part of today’s twitter deal, and the free milk is when you spend $20 – find the plu #’s for both of these in my Safeway Monday Deal post.

Just read them off to the cashier and it comes right off!

Another great deal is the buy 4 crackers for $10 and get a free block of cheese – huge savings there. No coupon needed for this one either.

And I picked up 2 of the Simply orange juices too. Huge haul for only $21.34 – it’s a 56% savings! Works out to way less than $2 an item – and when is a block of cheese or a jar of parmesan ever that cheap?

These deals are for today only all combined so a great time to pop in and stock up a bit!

This type of shop is so easy to do, no real coupons needed only the plu#’s and no need to price match or organize anything!

6 Replies to “What can you get for $21.34 today at Safeway? :)

  1. Safeway is such an overpriced store! The problem with all these deals is yeah you save money, but you don’t bring home any really healthy options.

  2. I bought all the things today that you did. It came to 21.01 at our store. Thanks for the great idea Nadine and I look forward to next monday’s deals!

    • Heard order of coupons can affect it. And I’m looking forward to it too – hope there’s stuff to combine. I like shops like this, great add on to our regular shop from the weekend. Lots of good snacks!

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