Weird Shopping Quirks?

9 Mar

Do you have any weird shopping habits? For me, the biggest one is since I started couponing I always shop the stores in the same order – one side to the other. Helps me stay organized and I know what order my binder is organized in.

What about reaching for stuff on the high shelves? Does everyone¬† climb the racks? Or use a box to knock whatever you were reaching for down? I’m just a little over average height, but still find myself doing this all the time – and often get asked to reach stuff on the higher shelves for others.

Do you look for certain shopping carts, certain cashiers – favourite areas of the stores?

5 Replies to “Weird Shopping Quirks?

  1. I’ve got a favorite cashier at Walmart because I know she’s good with admatch and coupons. For top shelf I use the box technique because I’m afraid the whole thing is going to come crashing down one day if I step on it. I also like to shop on Saturdays so I can try the free samples.

  2. I am super anal…lol I do the same by shopping stores in the same order, but I also go down each isle and open my binder and go through every coupon with every on sale item or reduced to see if anything jumps out. Also I am only 5’5 so, I climb shelves lol. I have actually had people at walmart joke that they are going to get me my own ladder and keep it out when i come in. I also have a couple favorite cashiers at walmart who know the coupon poilcy well. The greeters have gotten to know me since I started couponing too..

  3. In my case I put things in my cart in a specific way and when I take it to the cash register it gets put in order as how I want it packed. Sometimes the cashiers reach beyond the order i have it tog et something further back and it annoys me!

    • Forgot about that – my husband does a similar thing, he really organizes stuff at the cashier, i just place them in any order – his is super organized. funny how everyone shops so differently.

  4. My husband & his mother always take items from the back of the shelf. My mother in law will actually put things back that I have grabbed from the front of the shelf & replace it with the same item, but one further back on the shelf.

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