Ways to save money while pregnant or with a newborn

8 Mar

Here are some of my favourites for ways to save money with kids – good idea to start while you’re pregnant too, lots of great programs out there.

If you go to Sobey’s you can sign up for their baby be healthy program and get free prenatal vitamins! There’s not a lot of info online for this one, so just go into the pharmacy and ask there. Huge savings right there.

Next, sign up for the shopper’s drugmart vib program – you get a starter pack with all kinds of goodies, and ongoing promotions and coupons etc.

Contact all the big companies you know you’ll be buying from, or are buying from – most will send out coupons, samples etc. Try huggies,

pampers,  similac, enfamil, nestle, heinz etc.  You’ll be surprised at what they send out 🙂

Start saving diaper and formula coupons if you’ll be using them, start shopping early when there’s a big sale. Get friends and family to save their coupons for you to maximize the deals. Ask around too, a lot of people have clothes, kids toys etc. to give away – I love passing down kiddo’s stuff to friends and family and it’s easy to get a good line on stuff, and it will continue for years. One thing I wish we had known or realized is that not everything has to be new – most baby and kids items are barely used so borrow when you can 🙂 You can check the govt. of canada website to make sure it hasn’t been recalled.

What are your faves for saving money on baby and kids stuff? Which companies did you contact, and what did you receive?

2 Replies to “Ways to save money while pregnant or with a newborn

  1. Babies R Us has coupons in their catalog. Great when combined with in store sales.
    Signing up for baby registry’s at stores like babies r us and Sears will score you a bag of samples and coupons.

  2. Shopper’s Drug mart has discontinued the v.i.b. program. We have a lot of drop in programs at places like The nest family center and the tiny tree hugger. Healthy baby drop ins offer free milk coupons (if you have a baby under 6 months)
    Huggies has no baby unhugged program, if you send them a picture of your baby or pregnancy they send you a full package of newborn diapers, sample of wipes and a few other samples & coupons. Baby box university provides a safe sleep space for baby along with diapers, ssmples & coupons

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