Walmart Canada ending their Ad Match program

17 Sep

Rumours were swirling around online recently about Walmart canceling their ad match program – and unfortunately it is true.

They have confirmed on Twitter that it will be ending October 15th.

This will apply to online and to all Canadian Walmart stores.

If you have never ad or price matched, It’s where you bring in a flyer from another store and they will match or beat the price

I know a lot people went there specifically to price match other stores. It can be a huge money saver. Hopefully more stores don’t follow suit.

The screenshot above is directly from their Twitter feed, I blanked out the person’s name they responded to for her privacy here. That’s the only alteration.

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  1. NO!!! Is Walmart not making enough money? Now that they don’t have competition, they can do whatever they want. This is bad news.

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