Using the library

24 Apr

The Library can one of a money savers best resources – and it’s so easy to use! 🙂

Not only can you get all kinds of great books and magazines, you can also rent movies from the library too! I can’t remember the exact cost, but it’s under $2. My favourite thing is renting tv series – they’re usually bundled as 1 release, where else can you rent a whole season of a show for less than a toonie!

You can use the library’s search to look up shows and movies – you’ll probably be surprised at how up to date they are. I’m always shocked that they carry lots of showtime, amc etc. type shows – premium channel stuff. They also get a lot of current movies too. And if you’re renting kids movies or tv shows those are free!

Easiest way to use the library (and cheapest) is to use your list and request titles to be sent right to your library – they’ll notify you by phone or email when they’re in. No running around the city trying to find a certain book or movie.

The library also hosts a lot of events for the whole family – always worth taking a peek. You can even take out book club kits – you get enough copies of the same book for your whole group. I once accidentally added a book club book to my list – was pretty surprised getting a huge bag full of the same one! 🙂

My daughter loves to read and be read to, and I love having a huge variety of books at our disposal. Whenever I see a book that looks good in a magazine or someone recommends it I just add it to my list right away.

What are your favourite things about the library? What services do you use the most? And if you’re in another city, what does your library offer?

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    • Me too! I love when they add their new titles from the previous month, i go through it and add so many new ones. Didn’t know if others maxed out their lists too! 🙂

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