Using the Flipp app to save time and money at the grocery store!

28 Oct

If you’re trying to limit your shopping trips or trying to find deals on certain items, using the flipp app is an easy way to do this and much more.

You can look at flyers for all of the stores in your area, you can either look at what’s new or search for a specific store.

You can search for specific items and it’ll check all of the stores to see where it’s on sale – great if you’re trying to price match too.

You can even plan your shopping list right from the website.

It works for groceries, household products, beauty stuff and much more – pretty much anything that would be in a flyer can be searched. That way you’ll know that you’re getting the best price you can.

You can search for trending deals too.

It’s very easy to add to your phone and super easy to use. It can also be very handy if you’re trying to find a specific item and not sure which store to go to.

There are so many uses for it, and it’s all free.

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