10 Feb

record player The Good Old Days – what springs to mind when you hear that?
It’s different for everyone, for me it’s childhood of course – late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Playing outside all day, getting excited to watch Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard on TV. I think Michael Knight was one of my first crushes, or maybe it was actually Kit?

My favourite time period is actually the ‘50s though. If I could time travel, I’d want to head there for a little bit, not to live but just to visit. I’d want to go see the premiere of Rebel Without A Cause one of my favourite movies. It would be nice to see all that cool furniture new in stores on display, and try out all the bizarre food people ate back then. Lots of Jell-O based stuff.

One of my most loved pieces of furniture is a ‘50’s table our old neighbour gave me. He and his wife had bought it new and it’s in great shape. My dream would be to have an entire house transplanted from the ‘50s, but add in modern technology and appliances of course.

Some of my favourite things I kept from childhood are my collection of Garbage Pail Kids cards – those were so fun to collect! I’ve passed the love of collecting on to my daughter – when something is a set, we need them all! 🙂 The hunt is part of the fun too, especially when it’s an older item.

Who was your first crush? What is your favourite time period and which items would you love to have from then? Would you want to live there or just go shop for a little while and bring it all back? If you’re looking for some items from childhood, like my nifty Fisher Price record player check out your local site and see all the neat stuff you can find!

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