Upcycle to save money! A DIY project anyone can make

14 Jan

IMG_20170113_100904We’ve been looking for something to display collectibles in kiddo’s room for quite a while. Things like Pokémon figurines, Tokidoki’s etc.

Shelving units for these can be hard to find, too fancy, not kid friendly or just too expensive.

I found a big sale on dried fruit at Safeway – I picked up a few trays simply thinking – great deal on dried fruit. The dates were good until summer so why not?

Then I got home and took the fruit out and realized it was a full tray – and tried a figurine it in and it fit perfectly! So, back to Safeway for a few more trays!


IMG_20170113_153524IMG_20170113_153547This is what the tray originally looked like. Four sealed bags of fruit in it – so I ended up with 4 of them.

Kiddo decided she wanted them all black – but you could easily do them different colours, coordinate to the toys – or even paint on a background for each square depending on the toy. We’re debating that part now.

The trays needed a bit of sanding, but apart from that they were in great shape.

Picked up 2 bottles of black paint at Dollarama – and ended up using less than one bottle on all  of it.

IMG_20170114_125002Quick paint job – just one coat and a few screws into the wall and we have the perfect place to display some toys – and room to grow too! And all for under $20 and just a few minutes of crafting!

Always worth taking a second look when buying something like this – how can it be repurposed or upcycled?

What are some of your favourite upcycling projects?




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