Toy clearance at Target!!

13 Aug

Target on Fermor in Winnipeg has some amazing clearance on toys, not sure if it’s on at the other location.

Lots of toys for all ages, and a good mix of boys and girls stuff.

There were deals on squinkies, $3 a pack, some science kits for $7, and lots and lots of other stuff. Lots of dolls, baby stuff, wrestling toys, it was a huge mix at the end of all the aisles in the toy section.

One neat one was the DQ Blizzard maker, on for $7!!! I thought you could only use their mixes after to make blizzards, but after some googling it ends up you can easily and quickly make your own mixes for the machine!! How fun is that, especially with a $7 price tag!!

If you went and remember more of the sale brands, and the prices post them up. The prices were great, a lot of this was stuff that was marked down for second time – great time to pick up extras for xmas and bday parties.

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