My Top Tips for going to Red River Ex 2017 on a budget!

5 May

The Red River Ex is coming to Winnipeg from June 16th to 25th! It’s a fun way to spend a day but can get pretty expensive, so here are my tips to save some money while you’re there! With just a little bit of planning and checking ahead you can have an affordable, fun day out with the family!

  • Buy your tickets in advance and plan out what you would need. There are passes and wristbands available at Giant Tiger, Safeway, Sobeys, Macs or online that can save you money right away.
  • Check the website for special days – there’s kids (under 10 years) All-you-can-ride wristband available at the Park for $15. (Kiddieland rides ONLY, purchased at the Park ONLY) on June 25th, half price admission several days before 5pm, Seniors Day, Heroes day and many more! You can find them all on their website.
  • Once you’ve paid admission to get in, there’s a ton of free stuff to check out. Exhibits, great acts and much moreĀ  just plan ahead since they’re at specific times. You can get a full day of fun just out of those things! Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen have been free at the Ex – the high dive and trampoline shows from previous years were amazing! Lots of great shows and bands for the kids too.
  • If you are planning to spend the day there with your family, bring a picnic or snacks or water etc. with you. Good way to cut costs and there are picnic tables to eat at. Save the money for a few treats you really want to try instead of having to purchase entire meals.
  • Instead of buying souvenirs or toys for the kids there, just let them play a few games in the kids section. Most have a guaranteed prize, and if you look around a lot are the same ones you’d pay 3x more for at the stand. And winning a prize for a kid is always a lot more special too!

We always go as a family and spend the day – just wear comfy shoes and bring some sunscreen (or a poncho if they’re calling for showers). You end up walking back and forth a lot for the shows and events, but you can easily spend the day there and stay on budget with just a little bit of preplanning.

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