Thinking of getting a Kodi or Android Box?

by Nadine on February 10, 2017

IMG_20170210_083208_editIf you’re fed up with cable tv prices, or just the lack or tv shows or movies you want to watch – a Kodi, or Android box might be the solution.

There are a few ways to use it – you can do it for free by connecting your laptop to your tv. If that’s a pain, you can buy a box on Amazon, or even find one preloaded and ready to go at many, many local stores. It seems now every small computer store I see is selling them.

If you buy the box off Amazon, be ready to set it up yourself. YouTube is your best friend for all kinds of things that will come up with a Kodi box, from set up to adding live tv.

If you buy it preloaded, expect to pay anywhere from $80 to about $160 – but with those you plug it in, put in your wifi password and you’re ready to go. Just make sure you have good, high speed internet. And when buying a box, cheaping out might cost you in the long run. These boxes need updates often, the more memory the better.

IMG_20170210_083109_editIf you’re completely new to these, here’s a little description. You pick a channel – some good ones are Exodus, Phoenix, SpectoFork etc.  You choose if you want to watch a movie or tv show. Let’s say you pick tv shows – then you can either search by the name of the show or an actor in it. Or, look up by networks, popular shows, what’s airing today and on and on. It’s super easy to use. It finds your show, you pick your episode and you find a good stream for it. Takes under a minute and your show is playing.

For movies, there are the same options. With newer movies, like things still in theatres it’s mostly filmed on camcorders – just wait a while and there will be a better version.

IMG_20170210_083047_editYou can get a lot of live tv also – sports, news etc. For sports, check out ProSport and Phoenix, there’s a lot more choices too – again, YouTube is the best or figuring those out. You won’t find everything live, and sometimes it can be a bit glitchy.

Almost every show or movie ever made is on there – it’s a massive collection. You just have to be patient sometimes, finding a good stream, or waiting until the next day after a show has aired.

Another thing is to get a better remote – you can get a small keyboard one for around $20 – a lot easier when you’re typing in the names of shows.

This is a one time buy too – you buy the box and that’s it. There’s no monthly fees, just your internet. Everything you add onto the box is free – and all the shows, movies and music you watch are free too. You can’t download and keep any of the shows – just live streaming.

I’m in no way an expert on these – I get that it is a pretty borderline service, but it’s out there and available to buy at local stores. I find people often get pretty confused about it, so these are just my thoughts and advice on it 🙂

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John February 10, 2017 at 10:23 AM

If you have an old computer hanging around or one that you connect to your tv already, you can just install the kodi software onto it and get the same thing without having to buy a box. There are a few steps you have to take to install each channel app but it is well worth the time. From what I have read one of the more popular channels, Exodus may not be supported in the near future, but there are 2 others that match its content. Specto and Zen. Be prepared though to try a number of links before you find a working one.


H B February 14, 2017 at 10:14 AM

Is it legal?


Marilyn March 31, 2017 at 11:46 AM

I’d like to know if it’s legal as well. It seems too good to be true.


Paul April 7, 2017 at 12:16 PM

Actually, the statement of “you can’t download and keep any of the shows” is incorrect. You are able to change the setting to allow download.


Biggie November 20, 2017 at 11:02 AM

Same principle as FTA satellite receivers used to get Bell or Dish Network for free. Its illegal. Use at your own risk.


jha November 20, 2017 at 11:02 AM

where to buy kodi can you send me the link thanks !


Cindy Mitchell January 7, 2018 at 8:16 PM

Kodi itself is legal but what the Cable companies are trying to do is shut down the people who put together links providing the live stream programming. This article explains that in more detail. Don’t kid yourself there is a learning curve, and if you are not technically savvy then it might take you a while to figure it all out. The developers also come and go so that in itself can be very frustrating but if you’re willing to learn it can also be very rewarding. There are lots of places to get information, Facebook has support groups, there are YouTube videos and Pinterest also has lots of boards related to Kodi.


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