The trash pack Garbage Truck review

17 Jan

trash packHave you guys seen this new line of toys? Trash packs and all kinds of gross trashies? 😉

When we first received this I didn’t think it would really appeal to my 6 year old girl – she usually gravitates to anything pink and didn’t really know what to expect.

Shockingly…it’s one of her favourite toys now! She even used her xmas gift cards and purchased more trashies and all kinds of accessories! I like toys like this, because you can add on cheaply, you can actually purchase individual trashies in their own garbage can etc.

The truck set is adorable, you get a garbage truck, all kinds of little trashies – with names like putrid pizza, mucky maggot etc.  They are actually super adorable, yet gross too if your kid is into that 😉 Leads to a lot of silly conversations and scenarios.

Lots of different games to play with it – the Trashies are soft and bouncy (yay for no sharp things to step on!) and one big aspect of it is to bounce them and try to land them in the truck, the garbage bin and the little garbage cans. My kiddo loves this game, she sets it all up on the floor and bounces them around. She also likes to play with the individual trashies – each has their own backstory now so they get set up all over the house in different scenarios. I really like this toy because it’s quiet and encourages the kids to use their imagination. It’s good for all ages too, and as I’ve learned for boys and girls!

You can find these at all major toy stores – make a great gift for probably 3 or 4 and up. Another good aspect for the older kids is that there’s over 100 trashies – some are glow in the dark, some are rare etc. so there’s the collectability aspect for the older ones too. All in all a great toy – and since my kiddo has spent hours playing quietly and nicely with it, it gets this mom’s seal of approval! 🙂

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    • That’s great! It’s rare to find a toy that is good for so many age groups, that’s not too complicated, frustrating or dangerous for the younger ones. Glad your boys enjoy it too 🙂

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