Teacher Gifts – Some great local options!

23 Jun

If you’re trying to figure out what to give as a teacher gift, or any school staff here are some fun local options. Always nice to give the teachers something useful, memorable and fun – let the kids pick and show their appreciation.

Grysiuk Queen Bee Honey has all kinds of flavoured honey! Maybe some lemon honey and some tea? There’s a big variety, like chocolate honey, raspberry, cranberry etc.  A nice local option.

Jardins St. Leon has a lot of neat local stuff too. They have beautiful flower arrangements and baskets, but a neat option is their herb baskets. They come in a nice container, you can leave it on the counter or outside and have herbs all summer. Mixes like basil, dill and cilantro.

Pinch of Creativity is a local artist with a lot of great options for teacher gifts. Themed items but also a lot of other fun stuff like notebooks, tea packs and much more. She has a lot of it on her facebook page too.

Norwex Winnipeg has some neat teacher gift ideas too. If you’re looking for something useful to gift to the class it’s a great option. Good way to keep the germs down too – smart idea to send as a hello gift at the start of the year 🙂 And lots of pampering items for the teacher at home also.

And if you’re rushing last minute, there are so many great local businesses that have gift certificates. Lots of possibilities, restaurants, coffee shops etc.

What are your favourite local ideas for teacher gifts?

4 Replies to “Teacher Gifts – Some great local options!

  1. I have a great teacher’s gift available for either female/male teacher. Ideal for a purse or travel bag! A MINI SET: of Instant Manicure on the Go (hand scrub) and Extreme Repair Hand Creme (lasts for 5 hand washings)! Only $ 12.50 including tax! Limited quantities!

  2. After dealing with kids all school year, I’ve been sending gift cards for the Liquor Mart to each of my girls’ teachers. They deserve it.

    • That is an awesome idea!! I’ve always wondered about sending wine, but you’re totally right with the giftcard! 🙂

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