Super easy craft – If I can do it anyone can :)

3 Feb

As most of you know I’m not the greatest crafter – as I tweeted out yesterday I think I’d be a candidate for Canada’s Worst Crafter. When my daughter was younger it was easy to craft – now that she’s older it’s hard to come up with good age appropriate crafts for the supplies we have. Since we ended up with tons of ribbons at the big Micheals clearance bag event I spent a lot of time online googling and looking on Pinterest for a neat craft using ribbons. Everything I found was either too complicated, need way too many supplies – or were just plain weird. So, we branched out on our own.

craft 1   We used lids from old containers – we have a lot of those from all the containers that cracked while we built our ice shelter – You could use almost anything you have around the house for that. I’d recommend using a drill to make the holes, but since my husband was at work with ours I used a sharp knife and it turned out ok. They can crack though – so make the holes before you start any work on them. We cut paper out to cover part of the lid, and used ribbon to make the letters of her name. Super simple, if your kid has a long name use a nickname or write something else out – anything works 🙂 I just used a glue stick for the paper and ribbon.

Then we spent a while searching the house for little pieces of old toys – great way to use up broken or unwanted ones. We used old Littlest Pet Shop pieces, broken Kinder Egg Toys, some lego etc.  Was a good way to use all those little things up – and can do it by colour, shape etc.

Heat up your glue gun and get going! craft 2

The pieces actually all stuck really easily – there was nothing that didn’t stick. Just make sure the size is right. I used a lot of glue for it, make sure you have a few extra sticks nearby. Some pieces are funny because it’s a lego head, or something that sticks straight out. After it cooled was super easy to pull off all those strings of glue that were left over – actually ended up looking good. Just remember not to glue anything over the holes you made….which I did twice! If you need to remove any of them they pop right off with a knife.

After that we used a different colour of ribbon to tie them together – and I made a bow at the top so you can hang it on the wall. This was a super easy craft to do together, a good way to use what you have in the house. Kids end up with so many little toys, good way to use up the ones they’ve outgrown, or that broke. You could even make it into a memory type thing too – there’s tons of possibilities for it.

What’s your favourite easy craft to do? With family day, and spring break coming up I’m looking for more ideas!

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  1. During Spring Break – I always make a lunch to go, and take the kids to the forks for Festival Of Fools! They have some fun crafting available there too 🙂 Hats, and capes etc, balloon animals and face painting – all free – by donation only!

    Also, T quite enjoys Shaving cream art!! All you need is shaving cream (Dollarama!) food colouring, cookie sheets, toothpick or popcicle stick, spatula and paper! So much fun! Makes some incredible pictures 🙂
    Spread shaving cream on the cookie sheet, use the yellow food color and drop a dot in there, and make the base color yellow – then drop as many colors and dots as you want around the picture, use your stick/pick or whatever to swirl it around, or zig zag, then take your paper and press it into the shaving cream – lift it up – scrape off remaining shaving cream with spatula, and Le voila! Let dry and you got yourself some crazy paper art!

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