Summer Shopping at Freshco! #Sponsored

16 May

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to get back to the outdoors and enjoy it all! Cleaning the yard, gardening, heading to the cottage, camping, dreaming of beach weather – and of course, BBQ’s and picnics!

Summer foods are my favourite! I look forward to fresh, seasonal produce all winter long – we barbecue a bit in the winter, but in summer it becomes our preferred way of cooking.

FreshCo not only has a great selection of produce, but their meat department is awesome! Great prices, quality cuts and I love the variety of sizes of meat packs.

One of our new faves to BBQ is chicken wings; they’re pretty fast on the grill and super fun to eat. We love to separate the wings and then marinate them in a few different sauces – something for everyone in the family! You can make them super kid friendly too which is nice and they make great lunch leftovers as well!

FreshCo has everything you’ll need to host some great BBQ’s this summer – their weekly flyer sales which include a great selection of meat are really something to keep an eye on! We picked up a huge beef roast last week on crazy sale that would be a great option for the BBQ – we decided to slow roast it and turn it into some amazing sandwich meat to freeze! So versatile!

Another thing we’ve been loving at FreshCo is the huge variety of different food items. One of kiddo’s favourite meals is homemade mac and cheese. She was wowed with all the great choices for pasta – always fun to try out new noodles and love getting a pretty hearty one that can really hold the sauce well.

I love going there with an idea for a meal, but not being limited to just a few choices for ingredients. Their sauces, spices and international food sections are really worth checking out! Put a twist on a traditional recipe to keep meal time exciting.

If you aren’t satisfied with an item, the Double Fresh Guarantee means they will replace the item and refund your money. There is also a Price Match Guarantee and if a flyer item is out of stock then the In-Stock Guarantee means you can get a ‘rain check’ plus 10% off!

We love cooking and spending time as a family – and saving time at the grocery store is always a bonus. With all of FreshCo’s guarantees, I know we will save time and money and that leaves more time for the good stuff 🙂

If you want to save money like I did, be sure to check out FreshCo digital flyer, it’s updated every Wednesday and will be the perfect tool for your weekly meal planning. Click here to learn more:

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