Strawberry picking and more in Manitoba 2021

8 Jun

Strawberry season is something most Manitobans really look forward to, thankfully this season we will still get one it’ll just be a bit different. Usually it’s ready around the start of July, so cross those fingers and toes for good weather.

Make sure to follow the ones you’re going to want to check out on social media so you can stay up to date with any rule changes, when strawberries are ready, picking conditions, and probably a lot more information. You can check to see if they’ll be offering upick or just prepicked too.

There are a lot of great strawberry farms to check out around the province, if I’ve missed any let me know. I’ve been updating this list for probably about a dozen years, and it’s always nice to see new ones and all the changes too. Sadly some places won’t be opening this year, so I’ve left them out.

A lot of these spots are a great place to spend the day or an afternoon, lots of activities either at the farm or in the general area. Check out what else the Farms have to offer too, it can be honey, other vegetables etc

Cormier’s Berry Patch in LaSalle

Berry Hill Farm in Altona

Connery’s Berries 3 miles east of Southport

Boonstra Farms in Stonewall

Mayfair Farms in Portage la Prairie

Grand Valley strawberries near Brandon

Friedensfeld Honey and Berry near steinbach, they were closed last year but it looks like they’re getting ready to reopen for 2021

Grunthal Berries…in Grunthal

Jeffries Berries in Portage

Olde Cramb Farm near Stonewall

RJW Acres between Anola and HazelRidge

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