Star Wars Furbacca Review – #PlayLikeHasbro

6 Nov

furbaccaIf your kids are fans of Chewbacca and Furby like mine, the new Furbacca is a great gift idea!

He’s super cute like a furby, but looks exactly like Chewbacca too! If your kids are Star Wars fans this will be a big hit – he hums the theme song in his Furby voice and it’s adorable! It’s in the video below.

He does all the same things as a Furby, eats, burps, giggles and much more!

But download the free app and you get to do all kinds of amazing things with Chewbacca! Play games, feed him on the screen, play with him, check out all kinds of Star Wars stuff and much more! My daughter downloaded the app right after doing the video and she’s having a blast with it! It’s super cute on it’s own too, and a lot of fun, but downloading the app brings so much more to it!

Something that kids can play with on their own, or with friends and siblings too.

I think this will be a hot xmas gift for 2015 for sure for any Star Wars or Furby fan! I think this just looks cute sitting on a shelf too, great for collectors also.



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