Sprouting your own seeds from scratch! Day by day results!

17 Jun

I often post pictures of things that I have sprouted on my social media, but I figured it was better to do a full walkthrough.

There’s a lot of options for what you can sprout, I like the stuff that can go right in the jar that you don’t need a special tray for. All you need is a jar with a mesh lid, or you can use any container and just put cheesecloth over it with an elastic. You can buy cheesecloth at the dollar store, so it’s a really cheap thing to get started. Fun to do with kids too because as you see you get some pretty instant results.

I started with 2 tablespoons of sandwich booster seeds – if you’re new to sprouting, that’s a great kind to start with. You can buy them at a lot of gardening stores, order them online. Normally the seeds come in small envelopes, I just bulk ordered.

Put your seeds in a jar and soak them for a few hours and then strain them out. Make sure to get all of the water out. And from then on every morning and every night you fill the jar with water and then empty it and make sure it’s all out.

I took the pictures every day around the same time, and you’ll see below how quickly it sprouts once it starts going.

I took them out of the jar and put them on the same plate every day so you could see how much it grew. Ended up losing a little bit of seeds each day like that so if you don’t take them out daily you’ll end up with a lot more!!

You can see the huge difference between day 4 and day 5. You could easily eat them on day 4, but bulk wise it’s really worth the extra day.

2 tablespoons of seeds turned into 3 and 3/4 cups!!!! In less than a week. Pretty amazing results!

Once they are sprouted, I wrap them in a cloth and put them in a container in the fridge. They last for several days like that.

The sandwich booster seeds are obviously very good in sandwiches, but they are also great on pizza, salads etc.

You can get some really different type of mixes too – some are peas, some are bean salads, some are spicy etc.

Be sure to follow all of the directions on the packaging because it can vary from seed to seed.

It’s super easy and simple to do, something kids can easily be in charge of. As long as you can remember to water and drain it every morning and night, you’re good to go!

A really economical way to add a little extra yumminess to a lot of different kinds of food!

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