Spring Break – what’s going on?

21 Mar

What does everyone have planned for spring break? Are your kids signed up for classes or camps? Are you staying home and taking it easy? Any good suggestion for fun stuff going on around the province?

For us it’s a birthday week so lots of fun with that, and probably some spring cleaning, playing outside when it’s nice and lots of crafts! Hoping there’s some good group buying site deals coming up in the next few days for some cheap outings! Great time to pull out your coupon books and look for some discounts on some fun activities!

And for the parents, do you dread spring break or look forward to it? It’s the first one for us so we are pretty excited! 🙂 Looking forward to sleeping in….maybe until 7? 😉

One Reply to “Spring Break – what’s going on?”

  1. We hope to go the library and load ourselves with books . Go to the movies , there are lots of good kids movies now.
    Maybe a visit to the zoo ? Anybody visited the zoo yet ?
    I really need to go through my girls clothes……(not looking forward to do it..)
    My 8 yr old wants to go to the ceramic studio on Corydon as well. So we’ll be busy.
    Yey spring break….

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