Spray Pads opening in #Winnipeg soon!

27 May

One more weekend and the kids will be able to enjoy the spray pads again!! Opening day is June 2nd and I know it’s something a lot of kids are really looking forward to!

The hours for all of them are 10am to 9pm every day of the week!! These are such a fun way to spend the day outdoors – the city even has a list of all of them and which have washrooms etc. so good idea to check that out if you’re heading out for a long trip.

We love going to these as it’s a pretty safe way to take a group of kids out – makes for a perfect playdate, or meet up with a group of friends. Most are attached to parks so you can bring along a picnic too.

Footwear is recommended, we always pick up a pair of water shoes for the splash pads – no slipping and a lot cleaner on the feet 🙂

We have only been to a few of them, since we’re lucky to live just 2 blocks from one it makes the choice pretty simple! Easy to pack up and walk over and lots of yummy places for treats around it too! Shaded areas usually go fast, so a good idea to bring a blanket and a book and head out early to get a great spot if you’re planning on a long day there.

If you’re heading to the Provencher Park one remember that the big pool there will be free this summer – great option if you have very young ones, and older ones too who can go swim on their own.

Which ones are your favourites? Any to avoid? And what are your must brings for an afternoon out? Any fun picnic ideas?

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  1. The BEST is Deff the one on Dakota south of St Vital Mall… My dd is getting a bit old for it but it was always her FAV!!! 😀

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