Spooky Places to check out in Manitoba 2020

2 Sep













There are a lot of fun events and spooky locations that will still be opening in this fall- lots to look forward to!

If you’re looking for corn mazes – I have a post for all the best Cornmazes in Manitoba.

This post is for the spookier stuff – so make sure to double check age/health requirements etc.

I know this is early for a lot of them – but it’s really something to plan and look forward to. I know a lot of us are big fans of Halloween – so thought this was a fun one to think about now.  I will update as things change too.

Open for 2020

  • Heebie Jeebies has no opening date yet – but tickets will be on sale soon! It’s not for 13 and under, and they will be giving away masks that will be mandatory.
  • Six Pines has updated on facebook that they will be opening this year!
  • Shock House will be opening – their facebook has a lot of updates and info!
  • Haunted Forest will be opening on October 2nd – lots there!
  • Terror on 12 says they are opening in October…not too much info though yet.
  • Deer Meadows has a Forbidden Forest and Haunted Hayride.

Unknown so far

Closed for the year

  • Grim Acres was going to be open – but they have cancelled for this year. 🙁


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