Spiderman with #Hasbro

1 May

Spider-Man. He’s my little guy’s top superhero. I don’t know if it’s because he’s red and blue, or because he can shoot webbing and catch thieves just like flies. No matter the reason – Hasbro has me covered – especially with his birthday right around the corner!

I’ve included some pictures of the ‘Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove’  in action! My little man had a blast (literally) with the web-shooting!

A Little something about it:
Imagine Spider-Man adventures at a whole new level with this incredible Mega Blaster Web Shooter set! This realistic-looking glove looks like it came from Spider-Man’s costume, and when you pull it on you’ll feel just like your web-slinging hero. But you’ll feel even more like him when you attach the Mega Blaster Web Shooter to it! Load the shooter with the water cartridge or the included can of Spidey Shot Web Fluid. Then you can blast a web or water at the bad guys, using your 2 middle fingers, just like your favorite web-crawling hero. Evil doesn’t stand a chance when you’ve got your Mega Blaster Web Shooter and Glove!

Once you are out of webbing though, don’t be sad! You can always get some refills and the water shooter is totally refillable and can give you hours of fun in the meantime! There aren’t pictures of it, (due to water & kids) but after we tried out the web-shooting, we decided to have an all out family water fight (we’re a family of 5). My Spider-son by far had the advantage of hiding behind trees, and shooting at us! So much laughter, and so much fun! This will be something we will be enjoying for a long time to come.

With these new movies coming out, Hasbro has you covered with all the  action figures and accessories a kid can dream of! From Spiderman – X-Men and everything in between! Be sure to head on down to your local retailer and see what they have in store for you!
photo 5

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