Some of the reasons I love shopping at the thrift store

12 Jan

Shopping at the thrift store can be great for many reasons – saving money of course, environmental reasons, finding really neat things or even things that are out of stock at regular stores.

Saving money is always good, I know people like to use coupons and get massive quantities of things now, but the thrift store is almost the reverse of that. Keeping things out of the landfill, supporting local programs and charities and lots of other great benefits.

One of the things I love getting there are books, at our local store most of them are under $2 and it’s set up like a real bookstore. Lots are like new too.

Sometimes you can find super expensive items that are new or like new for really cheap too, so if you have a big ticket item on your list it could be worth checking around.

Our store carries a lot of craft supplies, lots of material for sewing and everything you would need to start up any other kind of craft too. Definitely a big money saver if you’re trying something new, or are binge crafting in the winter.

Another reason we like going, is sometimes you just need one wire or cord for something or a part for something and you can’t find it anywhere or it’s really expensive. Thrift stores often have bins and walls full of wires and parts for next to nothing.

It’s great too if you want to try something new, ours has skis and things for curling and skating and bicycles.

The store I most often go to is the MCC on chalmers, but I do really like all of the MCC stores. And I do randomly check out all of the other thrift stores also. Just make sure to really keep an eye on the pricing as some stores do jack them up a lot.

One example of a great deal we’ve gotten is my daughter really likes Anne of Green Gables. I found the figurine of the house at the thrift store for I think $2, and then I ordered her the print off of Etsy as a Christmas gift. After Christmas we went to buy a frame for $0.50 at the thrift store and ended up finding a commemorative plate for $2 also! Made for a really cute little collection and so affordable!

I like how you can find some really neat personalized gifts there too, if you know what someone likes, grab it and put it away as a surprise for them.

If you follow me on social media, I often will post up what I find at the thrift store, but I wanted to put a longer explanation of why we like it so much.

What are your reasons for shopping at the Thrift store? What have been some of your favorite finds? And which locations are your favorite?

And of course, make sure items are clean etc before bringing them home.

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