Sobey’s Tastes of the World Contest – Some extra tips!

8 Apr

passport  If you’re off to do groceries at Sobey’s, here are some of my tips for the new Tastes of the World Contest! If you want more general info, read my previous post about it.

At the store make sure to pick up your passport, it’s folded up and in little containers at the checkout. When you open it, you’ll see the 6 countries, and there are places for 4 stamps for each one.

When shopping at Sobey’s until May 16th you’ll receive tickets – make sure not to lose these. They will contain your stamps (each card has 2) and also a chance to win an instant prize. Even if you don’t win instantly, you can enter the pin online and be entered to win some cool prizes too. There’s even a ballot box in store to win a big set of Lagostina cookware – each store will be giving away one set.

For these types of contests you can always team up with a friend or family member – pick someone you’d want to go on the trip with and it makes it even easier 🙂 You’ll earn tickets for your regular grocery shop, for using your sobey’s card, and bonus if you have a Sobey’s MasterCard.

Another thing is that every week there is a bonus ticket item – this week it is the Special K Morning Shakes. There are tons of coupons for these shakes, makes an easy item to pick up for a bonus ticket if you enjoy these. I will make sure to post up the bonus item every week.

When filling up the passport make sure to have some tape handy, the stickable part isn’t very big, and you wouldn’t want to risk one of them falling off and getting lost.

Check out Sobey’s site for full details and rules.

Has anyone won any instant prizes yet? Any other tips for all the contesters out there?


4 Replies to “Sobey’s Tastes of the World Contest – Some extra tips!

  1. Question about the special item of the week…..for example the shakes, if I buy more than 1 do I get a ticket for every extra one I buy?

    Thanx 🙂

    • Good question! Not sure, and I didn’t see it in the help section at all. As soon as anyone tries it, post it up for sure. I’d think you should get one ticket per item purchased.

  2. the rules say max 1 ticket and three bonus tickets per day–one if you use a sobeys MC etc… one per bonus item etc. It would be better to purchase each of the items separately… that way they would give you a ticket for each.

    • Good to know! For sure separate trips – good time for a few smaller grocery shops, especially if you live nearby.

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