Sobey’s Cash & Carry location

17 Apr

I had never heard of this store – is it common knowledge in Winnipeg? It’s at 840 Dufferin ave and it’s even though it’s called cash & carry they still accept debit and credit. They’re open Monday to Saturday 7am-6pm and sundays 10am to 6pm.

There’s a big ad on the back of the Lance, here are some of their sales from April 18th to 27th.

Maple Leaf naturals chicken wieners are $1.89, bananas are 58 cents per lb, oranges for 68 cents lb and much more. Some of the prices are really good, others are pretty regular.

Has anyone been to this location? What are the average prices like? Is it worth the trip?  And are they participating in the Tastes of the World contest?

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8 Replies to “Sobey’s Cash & Carry location

  1. I’ve been there before. lota of different things there. You need to watch out for prices – some items are pricier than at the store. They don’t take coupons and i don’t think they are doing the contest

    • good to know! from the prices on the flyer, you can see some are awesome deals…but seems like the place to go really hunt out the deals, if you know your prices well 🙂

  2. I “lovingly” call it Fort Sobey’s due to the very unfriendly giant barbed wire fence that went up about 2 years ago around the parking lot.

    They often have deals on produce and other perishables, it seems often after a regular sale at Sobey’s. For example, if refrigerated dips were on sale last week they might be $1.25 each this week at cash and carry. Their prices on that sort of stuff are often fantastic but I agree with Carla that you need to know your prices, especially on dry goods.

    • barbed wire fence? sounds a bit scary! So, if the dips are 1.25 there, how much would they have been at our regular stores before?

  3. I live in West K and go there from time to time. They do have a lot of case-lot and restaurant/commercial sized items but also many grocery items you can just buy in single quantities. There are always featured items on sale usually at good prices. The restaurant items are neat to explore – I love the soup mixes and the frozen prepared soups that restaurants use. The frozen soups are in big blocks and you pop one block out and add the same amount of water, heat up and your soup is done – great if you are having company or a big family, or just to freeze leftovers for lunches. They also have the dry soup mixes – not the usual stuff you find in regular stores, but the ones restaurants use. My favorite is Red Thai Chicken Rice soup, a little bit of spice but it’s so good. Our cafetiera at work makes it and when I found out I could buy it and make it myself I was thrilled. It’s worth a trip just to explore and check it out and know what they have.

  4. They often have a lower “Grade” of stuff however… Depends on how picky you are, but to me an egg is an egg, a chicken a chicken, and apple an apple…

  5. As far as barbed wire fence Do you know that is a fence with a sliding gate that shuts automatically to keep people out of the parking lot at night. Scarey ?? Please !! Cars would go in there and do wheelies all hours of the night. Also quiet place for homeless people to sleep on landing . This way they wouldn’t likely climb over barbed wire, right ?

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