Sobeys Blue Friday – Airmiles Extravaganza!!

27 Nov

One day only sale at Sobeys – airmiles collectors, pay attention to this one! 🙂

There’s an extra half page on the flyer and it is full of amazing AM deals. Here we go:

– Spend $100 get 125 airmiles

– Buy 2 cracker barrel cheese get 100 airmiles

– buy 4 bags of Lays chips and get 100 airmiles

– buy 5 clamato’s, garden cocktail of hawaiian punch get 100 airmiles

– buy 2 boxes of mandarin oranges (2 for $6) get 20 airmiles

– buy 2 packs of chicken drumsticks or thighs at $1.99 lb, get 30 airmiles

– buy 5 compliments bacons at $3 each get 50 airmiles

– buy 4 coke or pepsi 6 packs (2 for $5) get 50 airmiles.

For those wanting to go on a winter trip, this is the week to stock up! All the big ones like the cheese and chips are just a one time thing, but for a $100 shop you can easily earn over 5oo airmiles – there’s smaller deals too. You can also redeem these right at the till now, so you’d be earning back over $50 in airmiles too.

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