Smart Source coupons

27 Aug

Smart Source is in today’s Free Press – if you see it in stores post up what location in case anyone wants to stock up! 🙂

Here are the coupons:

1$ off L’Oreal paris hair expertise product

another mail in rebate for lysol

3$ off any woolite product

2$ off resolve

75 cents off Hidden Valley Ranch

5$ off Vileda mop and refill

2$ off Depends

bunch of airwick coupons

2$ and 1$ off Zest

1$ off Cottonelle

5$ off Similac


2 Replies to “Smart Source coupons

  1. I got one in the Winnipeg Free Press at Dakota Safeway. They should also be in the Winnipeg Sun on Sunday. Next date: September 24th!

  2. I saw the sign outside of Giant Tiger advertised Hidden Valley Ranch for $0.99 – great deal if you use that Smart Source coupon!

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