Smart Source coupons are up!

26 Sep

Check out Smart Source’s site – their coupons are up! Looks like there’s 22 coupons for Manitoba – looks good so far, goldfish, paul newman one…wonder if it’s stackable? I’m glad there’s a new site for coupons, will add some more variety! I’m always surprised by the variety in the coupon chains already – it’s fun to see all the different coupons and things people put in there!! Who knew there were so many coupons out there? 🙂

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  1. I am having issues. All the information is not printing and without the address for clearing showing up they won’t accept at the store. I emailed them. I hope they can find a way to fix. I went back in to try again and most of them disappeared I guess they do that after you print a few times but mine printed wrong and I cannot even use them. That kind of stinks. I think it will be great if I can fix how they are printing off.

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